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Dr Phillip Goudeaux

Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux is the National Co-Chair of the UHOUSI Initiative, and Founder of Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, CA. This multicultural ministry celebrated its 40th year of service in March 2020. His ministry also includes seven additional campus locations in Northern California. Dr. Goudeaux also founded the National Christian Chamber of Commerce, which provides resources to the Christian business community. He also oversees a ministry for homeless Californians called SafeHaven and a Men and Women’s Drug Program. Dr. Goudeaux received a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from California State University, a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Pacific Coast Bible College and an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Northwest London University. In addition to being a committed Pastor, Dr. Goudeaux is also an accomplished author, civic leader and international speaker. He was appointed by President Bush to serve as an Advisory Board member on the Committee for the Restoration of Black Families. Dr. Goudeaux has received many esteemed awards for his years of committed service including: International Convention of Faith Ministries District Director of the Year (1990 and 1991), the 1995 California State Senate Certificate of Recognition of Faithful Ministry, the 2006 President’s Call to Service Award from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation by President Bush, and numerous others. As National Co-Chair for the UHOUSI Initiative, Dr. Goudeaux seeks to increase responsible homeownership among the minority and millennial community. He believes homeownership is a critical contributor to wealth accumulation, especially in the African American community.

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